Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bookwurmz 33: How About That Date?

Sorry for the lateness! What else is new, right? Hope you all enjoy it. I was thinking of some exciting things to do with Bookwurmz soon. I'm thinking of having a new character come work at the Bookstore who is home from college on summer vacation. Send me your suggestions of what the character should be like! Also, tell your friends to read bookwurmz!

ps, i drew most of this comic while inebriated. not half bad! haha


  1. Good job, I'm impressed you did this while intoxicated. Kudos! :)

    Maybe your new character can be a spy or something. A literature spy, that works for some kind of operation that knows about the characters coming to life and the company is trying to shut this bookstore down and take in the characters and do testing or something. Okay, I don't quite know where I was going with that one.

  2. oh man that's a good idea! that's not at all the direction i was thinking in, so i really like that!