Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bookwurmz 41: Trash Talk

sorry the picture quality kind of sucks on this one. but the storyline is progressing, so that's cool, right? can you believe that i'm nine pages away from fifty?!! i'll have to think up something special for that one.
hope everyone is doing well! now that elin's gone, i'm back with your regularly- scheduled programming.


  1. Wow Shakes is naughty. Also, Jane Austin is a saucy wench. Wow... It cracked me up! I miss thee Bryan. Also, I see you got my wedding invite. I figured you wouldn't be able to come but I still wanted to invite you because if you could come I would want you to.

  2. Haha, Billy is such a douche sometimes. A funny douche at least. The song that comes to mind... "Oh, me so horny, OH OH, me so horny!!" Which is funny, because we were playing that song in the dressing room on Saturday. Hehe.